TONIGHT! half eght – til half tenVenue: Town Hall

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Cuirt
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TONIGHT! (26 April 2013)  half eght – til half ten

Venue: Town Hall Theatre

Join Cuirt for a very special evening when Irish fiction heroine Edna O’Brien will speak to broadcaster Vincent Woods about her recent memoir Country Girl.

Born in Ireland in 1930 and driven into exile after the publication of her controversial first novel, The Country Girls, Edna O’Brien has created a body of work which bears comparison with the very best writers of the twentieth century.

In Country Girl we come face to face with literary life of high drama and contemplation. Along the way there are encounters with Hollywood giants, pop stars and literary titans – all of whom lend this life, so gorgeously, sometimes painfully remembered here, a terrible poignancy. In prose which sparkles with the effortless gifts of a master in her ninth decade, Edna O’Brien has recast her life with the imaginative insight of a poet. It is a book of unfathomable depths and honesty.

‘Edna O’Brien has made of her memories something of both precision and depth, a book that, letting us see her as she was, jumps with an all-consuming curiosity from one lucidly narrated event to another, the scenes of disenchantment and bewilderment mingling with an assortment of surprises, traps, and ventures that are often, but not always, disastrous shocks. Only Colette is her equal as a student of the ardors of an independent woman who is also on her own as a writer.’
-Philip Roth

‘What a banquet indeed. A book of magics, truths, stories, and quiet immensity. No one else could have written it, and no one else could have lived it. The book is a poetic testament to what Scott Fitzgerald called our ‘capacity for wonder’.
-Andrew O’Hagan

Since her debut novel The Country Girls Edna O’Brien has written over twenty works of fiction along with biographies of James Joyce and Lord Byron.

She is the recipient of many awards including the Irish Pen Lifetime Achievement Award, the American National Art’s Gold Medal and the Ulysses Medal. Born and raised in the west of Ireland she has lived in London for many years.


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