Keidel: Reaction To Collins’ Announcement Says Infinitely More About Us Than Him

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

CBS New York

By Jason Keidel
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Since the Jason Collins story broke, America has split into the “Now what?” and “So what?” crowds.

Thankfully, most have fallen into the former. The New York Times recently ran the following headline regarding Brittney Griner: “Griner Comes Out, and the Sports World Shrugs.”


This is a non-starter. But we can’t anticipate the aggregate weight of political correctness, or the media’s need to build or bash someone based on superficial data.

[cbs-audio url=”″ size=”340px” download=”false” name=”Lawrence Frank” artist=”Joe & Evan”]

Only you can decide which irritates you more — the ignorance of homophobia or those who are breaking their duplicitous backs pretending that they never cracked a gay joke in 1985. (Remember those Eddie Murphy routines you found so funny?)

If I hear one more person say, “I work with a gay man and I treat him just like anyone else…”


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