The Discovery of the Real World

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Compulsive Explainer

This was the discovery that made the modern world possible.

By modern world I mean the developed (and affluent) world of Northern Europe and North America – as contrasted with the undeveloped (and impoverished) world of Southern Europe and Latin America.

Before this discovery was made, it was assumed that the world was whatever we believed it was. The real world was whatever the human world was (including our religious beliefs). Then it dawned on us (gradually) that there might be a difference – the real world might be something entirely different.

It might have its own rules. And if we played by those rules we could be much bigger – because we were part of a much bigger world. This was the assumption of Science and even the related worlds of Technology and Industrialization. Neither of which happened in the South – which burned any such heretics at the…

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