Corporate America Sucks—Seriously; A Writer’s Tale At Self-Discovery

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

A Writer’s Tale At Self-Discovery form confessionsofaliterarygoddess


Okay so ranting about corporate America is not new, and certainly not literary minded. It is however a story—and for a while it was my story, so I suppose I should go into the details about that. Rarely do I divulge biographical data (privacy and trust are two fundamentals for me), but this played such a big role in my life. My journey into pursuing my writing career rests largely on this incident, so I feel compelled to share this tale.

Several months ago I quit my office job. It wasn’t a plushy job, and certainly not one that left me sleeping in a bed of money. But it was a job—a job; a treasured commodity in these tough economic times. I of course had other resources, and no issues with food and shelter (which if you do, think HARD before you consider making such a jump). My…

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