Go To College, You Big Loser!

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

A Post-Academic in NYC

I am fascinated and horrified by the ads for colleges that appear on subways. If you’ve been to NYC, you’ve seen them. They advertise institutions (we can argue about whether they are really “colleges” or not) no one has ever heard of like Touro and Mercy and something called Grace Institute. (CUNY places ads on the subway too, which is another story.) The ads usually feature a smiling student, someone who is coded as “immigrant” because he or she is olive-skinned or named “Svetlana.”

The ads ALL say something along the lines of “I was in a dead-end job with no future and no education. But [insert name of school] gave me the training I needed to find a new career in [medical assisting/accounting/business administration/hospitality], and now I am providing a better life for my family.” Though the language might differ slightly, every ad makes the same argument: do you…

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