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Afternoon all, Happy Thursday!

  • I know a few good talks at the 2nd History Festival of Ireland Duckett’s Grove, County Carlow.were on the American Civl war so i thought i’d stick up this up  here

  • I recently saw Little John Nees sparkplug post irish times theatre awards it was v good. it was apdapted for radio and can been listined to here
  • I also saw The Real McCoy by Tommy Marren presented by Crokey Hill Player in the latter weeks of June before it hit Cork and Dublin  It started  Tommy Marren and Ireland West Music TVs Gerry Glennon in main roles . It was a great show very funny. but   Crokey Hill Players are money making machines €2 for a sheet they called a programme, €5 for raffle and  €15 for a DVD or more if people were buying mupile copies to to relatives in the Irish diaspora  abroad. I have to to congratulate the Crokey Hill Players on reaching 100th shows  though
  • Patrick Talbot Productions presents

    The Love Hungry Farmer

    Adapted and Performed by Des Keogh

    From Letters of a Love-Hungry Farmer by John B. Keane

    Direct from a sell-out run at Gaiety Theatre Dublin! . It is going on an Irish tour to venues across the country

    Des Keogh,, one of Ireland’s foremost actors and entertainers, returns with his hugely successful and award winning show.

    It tells the story of John Bosco McLane, a bachelor of ‘indeterminate’ age and according to his own assessment, ‘past his best’ and evidently still a virgin. McLane’s amorous adventures range from the hilarious to the pitiful.

    John B. Keane ranks among the great Irish writers. His plays include Sive, The Field and Big Maggie. His ‘Letters’ series of books were a spectacular success, with The Love Hungry Farmer being particularly outstanding.

    ‘Des Keogh is superb. A consummate actor wedded to a skilled raconteur, the wine he offers is vintage’ Irish Times

    Fiercely serious and bruisingly hilarious’ New York Times

    ‘Keogh is a wonder. A master-storyteller’ Associated Press

Have a great day 🙂


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