Apple Seeks Patent For Waze-Style Crowdsourced Navigation That Could Boost iOS Maps

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Uncategorized


The U.S. Patent Office has just published a new patent application by Apple (via AppleInsider) that integrates crowdsourced traffic data for real-time information about road conditions, similar to what Waze does. Waze, which was just acquired by Google, seeks user input on changing road conditions, and rewards users for making accurate reports. Apple’s patent also offers route choices based on criteria like “Scenic Route, Light Traffic, No Construction” and more that are also rated and reviewed by users.

The system is designed for use with mobile devices with both cellular and GPS functions, which of course means the iPhone and iPad would be prime targets, and stores user ratings in a database to assign a cumulative number value to each suggested route. Thus when you’re given options in an app like Maps when seeking directions, each choice would be given a star or number value to help you…

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