“Kings” – Directed by Tom Collins and starring Colm Meaney

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Is iad Colm Meaney, Donal O’Kelly and Brendan Conroy na príomhaisteoirí sa scannán seo faoi stiúir Tom Collins. Scéal seisear fear a chuaigh ar imirce go Sasana i lár na 70idí. Bhí siad lena saibhreas a dhéanamh agus le filleadh ar an mbaile arís. Tríocha bliain ina dhiaidh is i gcónra a fhilleann duine acu agus bailíonn a chairde ag an tórramh. Tá athrú mór ar an saol agus orthu féin ón gcéad lá a ndeachaigh siad ar a mbád bán.

D’fhéadfadh muid a bheith mar “kings” is iad na focail deireannach. (2007) http://ga.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kings_%2…


Starring Colm Meaney, Donal O’Kelly and Brendan Conroy. Directed by Tom Collins. A universal story of disenfranchisement and search for identity. In the mid 1970s, a group of six young men left their homes in the West of Ireland, took the boat out of Dublin Bay and sailed across the sea to England in the hope of making their fortunes and returning home. Thirty years later only one, Jackie Flavin, makes it home – but does so in a coffin. Jackie’s five friends reunite at his wake where they are forced to face up to the reality of their alienation as long term emigrants who no longer have any real place to call home.

Cuid 1

Cuid 2

Cuid 3

Cuid 4


Film & Animation
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