Yes I said yes I will Yes.

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Gospel on the Ground

Yes-Man1Just four months ago, my friend, the Rev. Beth Tjoflat, was preaching at my ordination to the priesthood, and she said something about my being a scholar priest, someone called to be a theologian, but also someone who had a heart for Jesus and for serving people in the Church. And I thought, “Yes yes yes.” True dat. I had been straddling two tracks, that of a preacher/pastor in training and a scholar in training, for all three years at Yale Divinity School, and Beth knew this well.

There is a traditional path for preparing to be a publicly acknowledged theologian, and that is to obtain a Ph.D. in theology, to publish academic articles, reviews, and books, etc. And so I jumped into that work in my systematic theology Ph.D. program at Fordham University: passing the language exams, taking the required courses (and even more than the required courses), writing…

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