Luther fans scared by toothbrushes in new episode

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

what in the name of is god !


A scene involving some toothbrushes in tonight’s episode of Luther has terrified viewers.

In episode two of series three, DCI John Luther (Idris Elba) finds his date with love interest Mary Day (Sienna Guillory) interrupted by the news that there has been another murder.

TV viewers were gripped by the latest revelations and were particularly freaked out when the killer put a bunch of toothbrushes in his mouth while snooping around someone’s house.

Siseley said: ‘Keeping my toothbrush with me at all times from now on.’

KimMacNamara wrote: ‘Am off to disinfect my toothbrush euk!!!! Lol!!’

Denouko posted: ‘Yeah I’m gonna start keeping my toothbrush in a safe.’

Edina_louise tweeted: ‘I have to buy a new toothbrush now. I think I will have to bill the BBC for this.’

Ben_Wright added: ‘Last week it was check under your bed, this week it’s feeling your toothbrush to make sure it’s not…

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