Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop has improved Accessibility for wheelchair users, anyone with physical disabilities and prams and buggies in their Middle Street book shop

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

harlie Byrne’s Bookshop has recently undergone major changes in order to increase accessibility and improve freedom of wheelchair users in our Middle Street book store. We have altered all of our entrances, in order to make each level accessible for wheelchairs, prams, and anyone with physical disabilities.

The improvements to our Middle Street entrance include a new shallow gradient floor and unobstructed space, followed by a push door. In the Cornstore Mall we have installed a shallow gradient ramp, and two level entrance with double doors, all followed by unobstructed maneuvering space. Within the shop itself, we have searing and handrails, and our staff are happy to assist anyone with mobility difficulties.

Our new facilities allow independent access through any of our five entrances, and aim to create great freedom and accessibility for everyone.


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