The Dail has a history of sordid sexism – and without more women, it’s not going to change

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


I wrote this piece for the Herald on Thursday as “lapgate” began spreading on social media. The reason I’m posting it here as well is this article by Stephen Collins in today’s Irish Times. Collins is right on Dail reform but he is utterly out of step on this issue; an incident of sexual harassment in the national parliament during a debate on women’s sexual health and reproductive freedom is not just a “silly distraction”.  I’m studying women in politics at the moment, and one of the main problems with increasing our proportion of women representatives is cultural and institutional norms.  Nodding and winking at sexual harassment in the workplace is one of those norms that is preventing women reaching their potential… here’s my original piece.

The Dail is the home of Irish democracy, the lower house of our national parliament, where laws are passed and history is made…

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