History has recently created a new social media presence. After discussions with Zara Sheerin of the Press and Information Office, NUI Galway History decided to set up a Facebook page, a twitter feed and a blog. It is hoped that they will help publicise the activities and interests of staff and students both within NUI Galway and to an external audience.

National University of Ireland, Galway

National University of Ireland, Galway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The blog, edited by Kevin O’Sullivan ( Head of B.A. (Single Honours) History ) and Niall Ó Ciosáin,( Head of 1st year Joint-honours B.A) features posts by members of staff and associates on themes of historical interest. The initial entries included musings on the relationship of the Corrib to the city of Galway, an old vinyl recording of De Valera, a Festschrift from 1913, as well as notices of book launches and conferences. Check it out at the link below!r Their Full-time administrator, Helena Condon, has created a very colourful Facebook page. While it will not replace Blackboard as the primary tool of communication with students, it will help make current and former students aware of what is happening in History. We already have over 200 likes! Helena is also responsible for the twitter feed, which directs traffic to both the blog and the Facebook page.




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