Twitter Is Testing Out A Feature To Highlight Live Events Happening Near You

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Uncategorized


twitter nearby eventsYesterday we reported how Twitter was testing out a new Trending box for TV programs to run at the top of your timeline; today we’ve spotted a test for yet another new feature: alerts for live events that are happening right near you.

Like the Trending TV feature, proximity-based alerts are organized around hashtags — in this case for actual, in-person events nearby rather than TV programs. They are one more example of Twitter’s play to be the platform of choice for discussions about all occasions — real and virtual; how it can be a powerful player in location-based services; and how Twitter could use new formats like this to drive revenues in the form of paid placements.

As with yesterday’s test, the nearby-event feature was spotted on Twitter’s iPhone app, this time by TechCrunch’s own Anthony Ha. A screenshot of how it looks is to the right.

What you…

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