The Women of Pulp

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
by Beth Carswell

Temptress by Jack Woodford

Some can’t be tamed. Some can’t be trusted. In they stroll with a sob story as familiar as the day is long, and yet, we fall for it every time. Blondes, brunettes, redheads – it doesn’t matter. These voluptuous vixens, these dangerous dames, these buxom bombshells might seem a dime a dozen, but each ruby-lipped temptress is more tempting than the last.

The more you know about love…the more you’ll love this story!

She would never steal another woman’s man again!” 

The raw, sizzling novel of a girl singer, her men, and murder in the hot record business.

She liked her men tough.

She fought for liberty like a woman – with her beauty, her brains – her body.

Silk stockings and perfect pouts, these broads attract trouble like a flame attracts moths. And as for us? We can’t resist ’em. We love a damsel in distress. Heiresses and nurses, secretaries and makes no difference. Some may be collectible, some may be contemptible, but one thing is certain. They are….




…the Women of Pulp!

The Blonde in Black by Ben Benson

The Blonde in Black 
Ben Benson


Make Mine a Harlot by Michael Storme

Make Mine a Harlot
Michael Storme
(sold out)


Six Deadly Dames by Frederick Nebel

Six Deadly Dames 
Frederick Nebel 


The Pick-up Girl by Roland Vane

The Pick-up Girl 
Roland Vane 

Murder of a Nymph by Margot Neville

Murder of a Nymph 
Margot Neville 

Fires That Destroy by Harry Whittington

Fires That Destroy 
Harry Whittington 

Hollywood Nymph by Stu Rivers aka Charles Nuetzel

Hollywood Nymph 
Stu Rivers aka Charles Nuetzel 

The Kept Woman by Mack Reynolds

The Kept Woman 
Mack Reynolds

The Vixens by Frank Yerby

The Vixens 
Frank Yerby

Virgin Nurse by Arthur Adlon

Virgin Nurse
Arthur Adlon
(sold out)

Brunettes are Dangerous  by Roland Daniel

Brunettes are Dangerous 
Roland Daniel 

The Hard-Boiled Blonde by Glen Watkins

The Hard-Boiled Blonde 
Glen Watkins

The Dame by Richard Stark aka Donald Westlake

The Dame 
Richard Stark aka Donald Westlake

Rebel Wench by Gardner F. Fox

Rebel Wench 
Gardner F. Fox

A Dame Called Murder by Robert O. Saber

A Dame Called Murder 
Robert O. Saber

The Mistress by George C. Foster

The Mistress 
George C. Foster

Exit for a Dame by Richard Ellington

Exit for a Dame 
Richard Ellington

The Case of the Negligent Nymph by Erle Stanley Gardner

The Case of the Negligent Nymph 
Erle Stanley Gardner

The Dame by Carter Brown

The Dame 
Carter Brown 

The Wicked, Wicked Women by James Kendricks

The Wicked, Wicked Women 
James Kendricks

Blonde Blackmail by Bruce Sanders

Blonde Blackmail 
Bruce Sanders

Three-Time Sinner by Norman Bligh

Three-Time Sinner 
Norman Bligh

The Case of the Restless Redhead by Erle Stanley Gardner

The Case of the Restless Redhead 
Erle Stanley Gardner 

Kill Her with Passion by Hank Janson

Kill Her with Passion
Hank Janson

Dame in Danger by Robert Maguire

Dame in Danger 
Robert Maguire


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