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The Council of Irish Chiefs and Chieftains in association with the History Department of Trinity College, Dublin and History/Ireland magazine is offering a prize of € 500 for the winning entrant in an essay competition on Gaelic Ireland.

Entry is open to all persons over 18 years who are NOT on the academic staff of a history department in any third-level institution.

Essay must be on any selected topic within the following areas: – the history of Gaelic Ireland (date-range 400 to 1690 A.D), Irish kingship, lordship, land-holding, genealogy, family history etc. It should be approximately 2,000 words in length and accompanied by full footnote references to sources used, with a bibliography at the end (footnotes and bibliography will not be counted as part of the word-length). It may be written in English or Irish.

Entries, with candidate’s name, address and contact details should be posted to:
‘Irish Chiefs’ Prize’
c/o History Department,
School of Histories and Humanities,
Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland

or e-mailed as an attached MS-Word file to: by 1st May 2014

The prize will only be awarded for an entry deemed to be of publishable standard. Subject to editorial approval, a version of the paper should appear in a subsequent issue of History/Ireland. Both the winner and other entrants whose papers are deemed of publishable standard may be invited to contribute their work to a projected volume of essays on Gaelic Ireland, which is a central goal of the Chiefs’ and Chieftains’ competition.

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