Ant and Dec join Diversity for Saturday Night Takeaway finale, Internet responds in kind

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Uncategorized


They wowed the audience with their revival of Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble on Saturday Night Takeaway – and now Ant and Dec have done it again.

This time around the duo showed off their fancy footwork by joining Diversity for a spot of dancing on Saturday night’s End of the Show show.

And unsurprisingly their moves were warmly received by the folks at home, who took to Twitter to give the pair their seal of approval.

‘Ant & Dec are incredible! That was an amazing performance with Diversity,’ tweeted one excited viewer.

Another added: ‘How great were Ant and Dec with #Diversity? Is there anything they can’t do?’

A fellow viewer commented: ‘Ant & Dec were brilliant there with Diversity,’ while another said: ‘Surprised Diversity haven’t offered Ant & Dec a place in the crew tbh. Simply incredible.’

Saturday night’s edition of Takeaway also featured the duo fooling Gordon…

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