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remember thar play i was working with heres a post about it from max the director

Max Hafler - Radiating /Receiving

The photo, a rehearsal shot by Jim Hynes, shows Aoife Corry , as YERMA, with Claire Keating and Marie Hegarty in the background. The production, a collaboration between NUI Galway and Core Theatre College, was performed in February 2014 at the Mick Lally Theatre Galway.

The production occurred in such an amazingly organic, flowing  way. Whilst interviewing for stage management, I met a student who happened to be a singer, and who was studying Spanish. This student ended up creating and singing the music, teaching it to the student/ actors and in finding a guitarist who played Spanish guitar who played live. This in turn  made me fully realise the general atmosphere I wanted to create was as if the audience was attending  a Spanish music session rather than a Play. The person who was organising sound was shifted to the lighting as we went further to develop this ambiance…

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