Hannibal‘s Hettienne Park Breaks Her Silence About Beverly’s ‘Shocking, Funny’ [Spoiler]

Posted: April 12, 2014 in Uncategorized


Hannibal Hettienne Park Warning, if you’re not caught up on your Hannibal watching through Season 2, Episode 5, there are many big spoilers ahead…

Hannibal‘s Hettienne Park will be the first to admit she’s got a twisted sense of humor.

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The actress remembers laughing the first time she saw the sliced-up corpse of her character, FBI agent Beverly Katz, who was killed off and displayed in a Damian Hirst-esque “art” installation by the titular serial killer in Episode 4 of NBC’s Friday-night drama last month.

“[Executive producer] Bryan [Fuller] had described it to me, how her body was going to be discovered, but the computer-generated models he’d sent looked like a video game, so it didn’t have any real impact,” Park recalls. “When I actually showed up on set and saw the dummy of me in pieces, it…

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