Yerma Feb 2014 Galway

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Yerma is one of the great world classics, written by Federico Garcia Lorca The play concerns a woman who lives in a small village, who feels like she has done everything right. Yet she cannot have what she wants, a baby, with her husband.

Lorcawas one of the most foremost of Spain’s poets and playwrights. Max Hafler produced a successful touring production of Lorca’s Blood Wedding in 2007

“Six actors describe a tense and passionate world with the pitch of their voices,the thrum of their feet, the sharp darting motion of their eyes.”IRISH THEATRE MAGAZINE on Max Hafler’s production of Blood Wedding


Pic by Jim Hynes

Pic by Jim Hynes

Aoife Corry Yerma

Peter Kenny Juan

Jonathan Ryan Victor

Mollie Ball Maria

Ger Kelly Pagan Woman

Emily Flanagan Girl 1

Claire Keating Girl 2

Mollie Ball
Marie Hegarty
Emily Flanagan
Ger Kelly
Claire Keating Washerwomen /chorus

Emily Flanagan
Mollie Ball Juan’s sisters in law

Emily Flanagan Dolores

Marie Hegarty Old woman

Jonathan Ryan The Devil

Claire Keating The Devil’s Wife

Chris Moran Boy at Romeria

Sean Mcloughlin Musician

Katerina Kavanova Singer.


Dir: Max Hafler

ensemble and voice work:  Max Hafler

Photography: Jim Hynes

Social Media: Dave Joyce

PR Team: Max Hafler,Judith Wolfe, Jim Hynes and Dave Joyce

MD :Katerina Kavanova 

guitar and assistst MD :  Sean Mcloughlin

Set Design: Nelson Barre

Stage Manger:Nelson Barre

FOH: Judith Higgins,Judith Wolfe, Craig at the Mick lally , Nelson Barre

costumes Kate Lawlor

Lighting Paul from the MA, Frank

Props:  Nelson Barre,Chris Moran and members of cast and crew



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