The Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland annual conference NUI Galway May 2014

Posted: April 16, 2014 in conferences, Uncategorized


On the occasion of the biennial conference of the Irish Association for Canadian Studies , the Québec Government Office in London grants a (an) academic member of the Association, domiciled ( e) in Ireland, a prize amount € 1000 for use as part of a study tour . Applications , including a curriculum vitae and a research project must be submitted to the President of the association, Elizabeth Tilley, [ elizabeth.tilley @ ] before April 14, 2014 . The prize is intended to reward and encourage research in the field of Québec studies in the broad sense , including linguistic and literary disciplines and the social sciences (sociology , history, economics & c . ) . Contemporary themes (focus on current issues ) are encouraged . Applications will be evaluated by a committee composed of members of the executive board of the association. The prize will be awarded to the winner / winner at the Hotel Meyrick Galway , at the seventeenth Conference of the Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland , from 9 to 11 May 2014. They are also looking for session chairs in some cases contact  Elizabeth Tilley, [ elizabeth.tilley @ ] if you could help

ACSI programme 10 april




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