Falling Down Just Before the Finish Line

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Uncategorized


My GP told me that I probably have Multiple Sclerosis five days before my viva. This ‘diagnosis’ came after months of severe back pain, balance problems, an increasingly stronger limp and doctors looking at me as if I was making up symptoms and telling me it was just stress instead of performing tests. Ten days before my viva, a GP finally realised the problem was likely neurological and sent me for an MRI scan. I remember breaking down in tears in her office, thinking ‘brain tumour’ while she assured me that it could just be a virus. The MS diagnosis actually came as a relief: my symptoms were finally being taken seriously, with a diagnosis, I could get treatment and I didn’t need immediate brain surgery.

You’d think getting news like this puts everything in perspective and the PhD suddenly feels very small. At least for me, this wasn’t what…

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