Funding, foreclosures of choice, and awh what the f…?

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Uncategorized


In a recent post I described how being invited to interview for UK Research Council funding competition was a less than straightforward experience. Since then there has been some amazing news: I got the funding.

In a field where women and disabled students are in the minority, I feel proud that despite being both of these things (though still cis, still white) I won the funding. The competition was “fierce”. Turns out, so was I.

The news arrived by email on Monday 7th April. The Research Council has given me until the 17th April to accept or decline the offer. There will be reserve candidates waiting on tenterhooks to learn if any of the first-choice applicants will decline the offer so it can be passed along. I was one of these in 2009. So far, so fair enough.

But I have another iron in the fire, and I won’t know…

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