Doing a PhD in half the time

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Uncategorized


When chronic illness decides to get in on the party that should be your PhD, one’s relationship to time and productivity can be challenging.  In this post from Tenure She Wrote, Sarcozona asks: How should the academy conceptualise productivity?  Does it currently do so in ways disadvantageous not only to researchers with chronic illness and disability but to other groups too? And if the academy isn’t going to budge any time soon, what can students with disability or chronic illness do – within things as they currently are – to support being as productive as possible?

Today is the 255th day of the year and I have been sick for 110 of them. When I am well, I do work so cool, funding agencies throw money at me.* When I am sick, I am lucky if I am able to brush my teeth.** Being sick so often…

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