Instagram Direct Isn’t Dead, The Messaging Feature Has 45 Million Users

Posted: July 12, 2014 in Uncategorized


Seven months after launching Instagram Direct, 45 million of Instagram’s 200 million users are actively sending or opening Direct messages, the company tells me. This 23% monthly usage rate indicates Direct is far from stillborn. While I haven’t seen or heard of many friends using the ephemeral private sharing channel, it may be quietly gaining steam with those who use Instagram as their primary social network, or small groups looking for more intimacy than the feed.

One-to-OnePrior to the launch when sources told us an ephemeral Instagram messaging feature was on the way, I said it was wise move for four reasons. Direct could:

  1. Box out private and ephemeral messaging competitors like Snapchat,
  2. Use notifications to inspire return visits better than photos that get lost in the forgettable feed
  3. Grow Instagram overall by creating another reason to sign-up
  4. Unlock sharing of content types unfit for broadcasting to hundreds of…

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