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Posted: August 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well, I’ve been sitting on this decision for quite some time, but here goes. When we start our 10th season of Decoder Ring Theatre in September, our schedule will change to 12 releases per year, each on the first of the month, every month, year-round. The releases will alternate between our two cornerstone series, with a Black Jack Justice on September 1st, a Red Panda Adventure on October 1st and so on.

Now that’s still quite a lot of episodes. But it is less than we have been doing, and it makes me a little sad, and also sorry that it may make some of you a little sad too. If you’re reading this, you’ve almost certainly been pretty invested in what we do over the years, and I feel like you deserve an explanation of how it went down.

Many of you are aware, but others are not, that through this entire adventure to date, I have always had a “full-time job”. Except that I had no idea what full-time meant until I added the second full-time job of radio dramatist…. guy. We’ll work on the job titles later. And of course back when we started I had zero children, and I’ve never taken any time away from the two we now have to do Daddy’s “secret-identity” jobs. So the Gregg you know lives in the hours where it is dark and sensible people are asleep, and that has always worked.

Except it really wasn’t working any more, and something was going to have to give. I began to toy with the idea of dropping the Showcase set for a season or two. They were originally envisioned as a bit of a time-saver… six less episodes to write… but they still took a lot of time. I decided I could live with that change. Except that eighteen episodes a year was a bizarre release schedule… and I began to think about how much better life would be if it were twelve.

This was a hard decision. I love writing the Red Panda stories, and telling six fewer each year was a hard choice. But in terms of the long-term sustainability of the entire project, it was the right choice. Not just from my own state of mind, but frankly the monthly donations are not entirely what they used to be. These are still the folks that keep us on the air, and we love and treasure every single one of ’em past and present, but there are only so many of them and it only goes so far. Fewer recording sessions was more fiscally sustainable. Could I have flogged the donor program more and shepherded it better? Yep. But I’m also not sure when I would have done that. Every moment is spoken for. Even now, writing this, I’ve had to make to conscious decision not to be writing a new episode right now. And no complaints, because I love it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now some of you may say “Yes, but Gregg, if you weren’t also writing comics and novels and making video comic thingies and instead you just shut up and made us some radio shows, you could make twenty-four a year no problem”. Well… maybe. But I think ten years in it’s pretty clear exactly what will happen if I sit in my comfortable chair and do nothing but make radio shows… and we all deserve more. You, me, the characters we love… there are other opportunities and things that they can only reach by my stepping out of the comfort zone and trying the next thing, and the next. But I never want to give this part of it up, and I hope that we’ve arrived at a place where that’s going to be possible.

And looking back at the past twelve months and all that we’ve done together and all that you have to look forward to with the great season we have ahead of us, I’m finally truly glad that we’ve taken this route. There’s some excellent stuff ahead, and I can honestly say that we’ve been able to hit this milestone and keep the quality up where it should be, and continue to try new things and grow. (Also there are some long-time listeners who become characters as Kickstarter rewards soon, and I’m dyin’ to see how that goes over!)

I hope that somewhere down the road we’ll be able to expand our schedule again… heck there are shows I’ve always wanted to try, but Kit & Trixie won’t give up any more space and I’m too scared of both of them to ask. But in the meantime, I thank you for your kind attention, your unflagging friendship, and your continued support.

‘Nuff said



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