‘You Don’t Make Friends with Salad:’ My Mental Health.

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Lucy great piece

Country Girl, City Pen


Irish people aren’t very good at talking about themselves, are we? It’s a national stereotype that we need to be at least three pints deep before we can start pulling our moves on the objects of our attraction.

We can’t take a compliment. ‘You look nice today.’ ‘AHHH GOWAYYYYY.’

Nor are we particularly good at small talk. ‘Wile weather out there.’ ‘Wee nip in it aye.’

But if there’s one thing about ourselves that needs to be addressed with honesty and seriousness, it’s mental health. For so often and for so long, mental health was left on the wayside of Irish life. People with serious mental difficulties were merely shipped off to ‘the funny farm,’ or perhaps there was ‘no harm in them, but they’re a wee bit soft in the head is all.’ Words to that effect, anyhow, anything to brush off the crushing realities of some people’s existence…

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