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All Is Telling

My students have already built two web-based compositions in our ENGL1101/New Media Literacy course (program description here, composition assignment sheet here). Today, I’ve asked them to locate model examples online of the form they are using for the third checkpoint assignment. Here are the tasks for the day:

  • Locate a blog, essay, presentation, or bibliography as your model to study. Post a link to it on Twitter with a short description. Use our class hashtag (#gsunml) and a one of the following tags: #pres, #essay, #bib, #blog. (10 mins)
  • Write a short blog post (100 words) describing why you chose that artifact and post the link to Twitter using the hashtags. (15 mins)
  • Post questions about the form that your reading raises. Keep both tags. (10 mins)
  • Suggest answers or give advice to others using tags from compositions you’ve already completed. (10 mins).
  • Open a Storify account, collect…

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All Is Telling

I sent the following email to the faculty, staff, and GTAs in my department this afternoon. It just felt too strange to leave ten years of work behind without some amount of public reflection.

After ten years of being a grad student, a GTA, a staff member, and a faculty member, this week is my final week of work in the English Department at GSU. In the fall I will begin my first job on the tenure track at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta. I want to mark this time myself by saying goodbye and thank you to you, my colleagues.

My professional identity, confidence, and pedagogy were, in large part, constructed in this department. I appreciate the inspiration and encouragement that I’ve received from you — too many of you to name here — over the years. Whether in the form of an obscure source idea, a brilliant…

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Brief proposals (c.250 words), along with a short biography, should be sent to by 12 December 2014. Papers that link Ireland to the broader international experience of change would be particularly welcome. The selected participants will be informed by 15 January 2015.

Conference organisers:
Sarah-Anne Buckley, Tomás Finn, & Kevin O’Sullivan
Dept of History, NUI Galway

Left in the Lurch

The state is a giant sharpie that delineates what is and isn’t legitimate violence, what is and isn’t good or real or acceptable. No wonder the pen is mightier than the sword when the pen signs off on its wielding.

The world, we say, is built for humans. But when the world is actually built for a specific group of humans, for wealthy, cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied, neurotypical, western white men, then what of the rest of us? If I told you that the further we journeyed from this “ideal” or “default”, the less human society considered us to be, that would seem pretentious academic nonsense, were Muslims not faced with genocide in Palestine and Myanmar, were 40% of homeless youth not queer/trans youth, were black people not still suffering the effects of wealth and dignity stolen from them consistently for the hundreds of years, were people with disabilities not routinely…

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heatrecorp’s DUCHESS OF MALFI plays at the Black Box Galway from February 3rd – 7th 2015. Phone 091 569777

Max Hafler - Radiating /Receiving

Starting to prepare for a play is always an exciting time. I never want to prepare too much nor go in unprepared, and leave everyone (including myself) unnecessarily floundering,. While exploration is essential, time dictates that the exploration needs to be focussed to some extent. I have to be the judge of where that balance lies.

I know when I am teaching ( as opposed to directing) , many of the acting tools I actually teach is partially dependant on the scenes and play I am using to explore acting. For instance this year when using Lorca’s Blood Wedding, i focussed particularly on atmosphere, qualities and imaginary body, because I thought them the most useful.

So with Duchess of Malfi, which I am directing with Theatrecorp I am aware that the demands of this grisly lust filled political saga are quite different to a play like Measure For Measure, and…

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