Webster and Shakespeare. Preparatory work on the Duchess.

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

heatrecorp’s DUCHESS OF MALFI plays at the Black Box Galway from February 3rd – 7th 2015. Phone 091 569777

Max Hafler - Radiating /Receiving

Starting to prepare for a play is always an exciting time. I never want to prepare too much nor go in unprepared, and leave everyone (including myself) unnecessarily floundering,. While exploration is essential, time dictates that the exploration needs to be focussed to some extent. I have to be the judge of where that balance lies.

I know when I am teaching ( as opposed to directing) , many of the acting tools I actually teach is partially dependant on the scenes and play I am using to explore acting. For instance this year when using Lorca’s Blood Wedding, i focussed particularly on atmosphere, qualities and imaginary body, because I thought them the most useful.

So with Duchess of Malfi, which I am directing with Theatrecorp I am aware that the demands of this grisly lust filled political saga are quite different to a play like Measure For Measure, and…

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