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Memento Mori – Morior Invictus

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Being a historian is difficult.

There’s the slog work as I call it; the readings, the theories, the whiteboard sessions, the late nights and early mornings, the travel (and travel food and budgets and not having a proper workspace on trains etc).


There’s the archives and libraries; most are fine, but some….some would try the patience of a saint. ID, more ID, that’s out of date by 4 minutes, you need to leave, go home, repent your sins, say 1,000,000 hail mary’s, flagellate yourself with barbed wire (á la Christy Moore) and return having completed the journey on your knees, unworthy one! Those kind of archives! We all know them!


Add to that the general lack of cash and wow factor associated with the field (sometimes) and then you’d really wonder why people like us bother with it at all? Is it an ego stroke? Maybe a bit being…

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….If Philip H. Gordon had tonight’s lottery numbers, I would be looking over his shoulder as he filled in his ticket….and advising everyone I know to be doing exactly the same. It’s not that I would be certain he’s win, nor that I’m convinced that the chap has a lucky rabbit’s foot (obviously not too lucky for poor Mr Bunny; sorry Bugs!), but if you take the time to read his article, you’ll see why.

In his article he describes how he sees the unilateral ‘Global War on Terror’ as declared and envisaged by the more hawkish members of both sides of the House as being largely un-winnable. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no dove on this front; some wars are unavoidable, regrettable indeed, but generally unavoidable. You can fight (and get bloodied) or you can abstain and get bloodied anyway. The world is the kind of place…

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Elizabeth Power – Bare Witness

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The Galway Review

Elizabeth PowerElizabeth Power is a graduate of the MA in Writing (2007) from NUIG and received a Scholarship to attend Banff Arts Centre, Canada (2009). She has won prizes for flash fiction including the Swift Satire International Writing competition (2011) and the Domineer Literary Festival Ireland (2011). Her poetry and short stories have have been published widely in Irish literary journals including the Moth, Crannog and Force Ten.

Bare Witness

By Elizabeth Power

Isabel steps out in purple L.K. Bennett’s and a soft leather clutch. She has given it thought and feels she has got the look right. The idea had formed at the hairdresser, while Aisling teased her hair. She had gazed at the magazine of the young Duchess on her lap. Kate Middleton, the style icon with her nude shoes and nude dresses and L.K. Bennett’s.
Well then.
To avoid pot holes and mountain sheep, she walks the white…

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Defending the university library

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University Blog

Whatever challenges we may face in this part of the world, we are unlikely – or so we hope – to experience the destruction of our libraries through book burnings. However, not everyone in the world can be see confident: throughout the second half of 2014 the jihadists of Islamic State, who had captured the Northern Iraq city of Mosul, have been burning all non-Islamic books in the local university libraries. And before we get to feel superior, we must of course remember that in the 20th century this happened in Europe also. And even more recently in America, though admittedly for different reasons: in Missouri a university librarian destroyed 188,000 books because he felt they were moldy and damp.

Libraries face all sorts of challenges: they can be the first to feel the impact of budget cuts, they can experience the uncertainty some university leaders feel about whether traditional library materials…

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So what makes a university?

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Great piece

University Blog

As Ireland continues to struggle with the not very well thought out idea of ‘technological universities’ – now under fire because the somewhat daft requirement for candidate institutions to merge with others first is producing unexpectedly high costs – and England works on for-profit university institutions, new universities are also being created in the United States. The latest upgrade is what was the Richard Stockton College in New Jersey, now to be Stockton University.

What is interesting about the announcement of its new status is that it is being described as a ‘comprehensive’ university, which in turn is explained by the institution itself as follows:

‘Comprehensive universities emphasize teaching, as opposed to research universities, which place more emphasis on faculty members’ research being published in refereed journals and books for promotion and tenure.’

So what is it that makes a university a university? If Stockton College continues to do as…

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his week it will be forty years since the introduction of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (Temporary Provisions) 1974, passed quickly in the aftermath of the Birmingham pub bombings in November 1974. An important event in Biritish History

Hatful of History

This week it will be forty years since the introduction of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (Temporary Provisions) 1974, passed quickly in the aftermath of the Birmingham pub bombings in November 1974. The POTA was a broad piece of counter-terrorism legislation and many of the controversial elements of contemporary legislation concerning counter-terrorism and national security can be traced back to this 1974 Act. Many have written about the dramatic powers of the POTA, including the extensive powers of arrest and detention, but this post will focus on exclusion orders, which were granted under the POTA and the first piece of border control legislation to inhibit travel between the UK and Ireland. Although abolished in 1999, the national/border security framework created by the POTA and its exclusion orders have informed how terrorism is “countered” at the UK border in the 21st century. Part of this post is based on a paper…

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Hatful of History

On 13 August 1961, the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) started building what became known as the Berlin Wall. This sudden development in the Soviet bloc caused Communist Parties around the world to come up with arguments to support this move by the GDR. Here is a pamphlet (probably) distributed by the Communist Party of Great Britain in the early 1960s to defend the Wall.


There is no authorship attributed on the pamphlet. If anyone knows anything more about this pamphlet, please let me know.

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The power of an education is really important, in particuarly for girls. im saying this as a fella

CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) – The power of an education — people around the world are fighting for it.
In October of 2012, a young activist named, Malala Yousafzai, was shot and left for dead, seen as a threat by the Taliban, for advocating girls’ rights to education. She survived and went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Now some local attorneys are trying to do their part for girls and education reports WWJ’s Laura Bonnell.

Attorney Nicolette Zachary is on the Board of the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan (WLAM) which supports girls who show leadership by awarding them with scholarships.

“We believe that educating girls and young women is very important,” says Zachary.

WLAM will be hosting the movie screening of “Girl Rising” at the Main Art Theater in Royal Oak Thursday at 7 p.m.


It’s described as a groundbreaking film, which has been seen by millions across the globe and…

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BREAKING Daniel Craig as James Bond in Spectre.