Elizabeth Power – Bare Witness

Posted: February 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Galway Review

Elizabeth PowerElizabeth Power is a graduate of the MA in Writing (2007) from NUIG and received a Scholarship to attend Banff Arts Centre, Canada (2009). She has won prizes for flash fiction including the Swift Satire International Writing competition (2011) and the Domineer Literary Festival Ireland (2011). Her poetry and short stories have have been published widely in Irish literary journals including the Moth, Crannog and Force Ten.

Bare Witness

By Elizabeth Power

Isabel steps out in purple L.K. Bennett’s and a soft leather clutch. She has given it thought and feels she has got the look right. The idea had formed at the hairdresser, while Aisling teased her hair. She had gazed at the magazine of the young Duchess on her lap. Kate Middleton, the style icon with her nude shoes and nude dresses and L.K. Bennett’s.
Well then.
To avoid pot holes and mountain sheep, she walks the white…

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