“The House Would Re-Legalise Ecstasy” – Report (12/03/15)

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Mossy Arigna

By Tomás M. Creamer

* Note(s): Read Disclaimer at the bottom of this report…


TH – The House

THB – The House Believes

(T)TH(W) – (That) The House (Would)

PMT – Private Member’s Time (Motion)

POI – Point of Information (Questions/rebuttals that a speaker can volunteer to take/listen to from the audience or other debaters)

This motion was prompted by something that could have came right out of a “Waterford Whispers” article: a court ruling in Ireland on the legislation that upheld the ban on – among other drugs – ecstasy, found the act to be unconstitutional, due to the sweeping power it gave the Government to ban substances it thought was harmful.

As a result, for a couple of days last week, ecstasy was legal to process and consume – which provided fodder for many actual “Waterford Whispers” articles, and created some mirth for the funny pages…

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