“This House Considers the Presidency of Barack Obama a Failure” – Report (12/03/15)

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Mossy Arigna

By Tomás M. Creamer

* Note(s): Read Disclaimer at the bottom of this report…


TH – The House

THB – The House Believes

(T)TH(W) – (That) The House (Would)

PMT – Private Member’s Time (Motion)

POI – Point of Information (Questions/rebuttals that a speaker can volunteer to take/listen to from the audience or other debaters)

This was inevitably a very political debate, which may not appeal to some – however, for the most part, debates without politics of some kind, in my opinion, would nearly be like trying to make boxty without potato. It’s that inherent, more or less.

Again, like at our last event, I really do have to credit the Society’s committee for inviting such a variety of guests – and obviously, I thank the guests for taking up the invite.

Having both a legal counsel to “Republicans Overseas Switzerland” in Edward P. Flaherty, as well as…

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