Our Foundering Fathers: On Moral Facts And The Moral Imagination

Posted: June 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Kugelmass Episodes


Yesterday the Times published an opinion piece by professor Justin P. McBrayer entitled “Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts.” Like many similar pieces of modern philosophy, it begins with a debate between Professor McBrayer and his second-grade son. Professor McBrayer takes a Socratic approach:

Me: “I believe that George Washington was the first president. Is that a fact or an opinion?”

Him: “It’s a fact.”

Me: “But I believe it, and you said that what someone believes is an opinion.”

Him: “Yeah, but it’s true.”

Me: “So it’s both a fact and an opinion?”

The blank stare on his face said it all.

I think we can be fairly sure that the blank stare said the following (I’m paraphrasing here): “Dad, sometimes, you are a real pain in the ass.”

McBrayer is ultimately trying to discredit the Common Core curriculum, a new mainstay in our public schools, by ridiculing its…

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