Victorian Values: What’s The Obsession?

Posted: June 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Katie's Transition

Since the bulk of my summer reading has revolved around the early Victorian period, I have come across the idea of ‘Victorian Values’ a lot and thus it has forced me to reflect on their appeal in a time of terrorism, twitter trolls and a turbulent economy in the 21st Century.

When David Cameron became PM of the coalition in 2010, the white paper drafted shortly after expressed his desire to ”dismantle big government and build the big society in its place”. Many people understood this as a throwback to 19th Century civic culture that emphasised home-grown industry, laissez-faire and the promotion of self-reliance. This perhaps over-ambitious nostalgia caused controversy among many critics who argued it was simply not possible, and even dangerous to look to the past in order to solve a list of growing problems. However, what is interesting is why people are obsessed with the era enough…

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