High court in India instructs indian Govt to provide access to deaf :)

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Uncategorized
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n a landmark judgement in 2011 the High Court of Delhi has created history by instructing the Indian Govt to provide Interpreter access to the deaf community of India. The Nad India had filed a Public interest litigation in this regard in 2007.

A long awaited “post of Sign Langauge Interpreter” has been mooted and the Govt is now to hire interpreters to provide access to deaf people at all points of service access such as courts, hospitals, police stations and so on.

This is great news for the interpreting profession and also for the deaf community of India long oppressed and denied basic rights and access to core services. the court observed that the mainstreaming of the deaf community was very important and the Govt has to bear the cost of providing access.

Interpreting training centers in India languishing for the lack of applicants can now hope for a deluge as the opening up of 15-25000 jobs in interpreting brings a flood of people wanting to learn sign language and become interpreters.


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