Conversant with Chairman Mao? The speech that split the IRA, July 1969.

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Treason Felony Blog

Almost all those involved in the IRA in 1969cite a speech given by Jimmy Steele in Ballyglass cemetery in Julythat yearas apivotal moment en route to the splits that occurred, firstlybetween Belfast and Dublinthat September and, then, across the IRA as a whole. The content of thespeech, delivered at the re-burial of two IRA volunteers executed in England in 1940,was reported in Peter Taylor’s bookProvos in 1998. But the published text doesn’t match the surviving audio of the speech, now held by the Irish Republican Museum in Conway Mill. Thedifferences are significant and give some fresh insight into those at the centre of the IRA split.

Taylor published the following text as a quote from the speech:

Our two martyred comrades who we honour today … went forth to carry the fight to the enemy, into enemy territory, using the only methods that will ever succeed, not the…

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