The re-capture of Jimmy Steele, 28th May 1943

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Treason Felony Blog

Having escaped from Crumlin Road prisonon 15th January 1943, the northern government had offereda £3,000 reward for any information that might lead to the arrest ofJimmySteele(or the other three escapees). Havingremained atlarge,asIRAAdjutant General and O/C Belfast despite involvement inanumber of high profile incidents,at the end of May 1943his luck ran out and he was recaptured by the RUC. Duringthis time Jimmy is known to haveusedvarious safe houses, such as Trainor’sYard in Lancaster Street, Mrs McLoughlin’s in McCleery Street, Mrs Loughran’s in Amcomri Street, with a family called Thompson in a house off the Shankill Road andhisbrother Bill’s house (which had a hide in the roof)in Artillery Street. Despite the size of the reward and the levels of deprivation and poverty in the areas in which Steele usually hid, the money was never claimed.

On the night of28th May, the RUC hadcordoned offa number of housesat the top ofAmcomri…

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