Nature Boy: “Hamlet” at the Barbican

Posted: August 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Linnet Moss

Nature Boy: Hamlet at the Barbican

88bf25d0-f533-40eb-bb14-e994c1e510c5-1360x2040 Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet. Photo by Johan Persson for Reuters.

Spoiler alert. Everyone knows the plot of Hamlet, but this post contains plenty of spoilers regarding the set and direction.

We saw Hamlet on only the fourth night of previews (the notorious night of “technical difficulties” and Cumberbatch’s stage-door plea for people to stop filming him), so I wouldn’t call this a review. It is more a document of my experience as a theatergoer, and my thoughts about the production as it stood that evening. There may well be changes to come, since that is the purpose of previews. I only wish I could return after opening night in order to savor it anew.

Barbicantheatre2 The “Curtain” is in two parts. One lifts up and the other sinks down.

In the first scene, the “curtain” (actually a solid, metallic looking barrier) opens to reveal…

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