Malachy McKenna Wins the 2014 PJ O’Connor Award for “The Quiet Land”

Posted: August 25, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Malachy McKenna Wins The PJ O’Connor Award of 2014  for “The Quiet Land”


The Quiet Land by Malachy McKenna, first prize winner in the 2014  PJ O’ Connor Awards, a deceptively simple but gripping play about two elderly farmers in an isolated part of the west of Ireland, “terrified every single night in our own home” by crime. “We’re exiles in our own godforsaken land,” as one summarised it. With the issue once more at the top of the political agenda, it was a timely reminder of the human cost, with characters whose lives and dilemmas felt heartbreakingly real.” — Article by Eilis O’Hanlon on

Find the article here:


Congrats Malachy 🙂

Listin to the play in ful here at this link ; lRTE Radio Drama Hub


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