Talking about my thesis without talking about my thesis: infectious diseases and posthumanism

Posted: August 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Thylacine Reports

So, just last week, I had an exam that frees me (interesting choice of words, I know) to pursue the thesis of my choice in order to complete my master’s program. Now, I’m real grateful for the patience of so many people in my department, who has agreed to entertain my ever-changing thesis idea. I finally feel grounded in this one, and think good things (not simply academic) will come out of this commitment.

So, I’m going to attempt to talk about the general idea behind my thesis, without going into specifics. It has to do with vector-borne diseases (I have a specific one in mind) and how they manifest environmental and technological networks in the way they spread and are subsequently recognized my anthropic authorities as real diseases. I’m not going to go into epidemiology of the diseases exactly, but focus more on the actors present in “inventing” the…

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