How to Keep An Alien Review,Galway

Posted: October 28, 2015 in Theatre

How to Keep An Alien Review

Writer: Sonya Kelly
Director: Gina Moxley
Performers: Sonya Kelly and Justin Murphy
Company: Rough Magic
Venue: Town Hall Theatre, Galway. 6th October 2015

This show is the perfect post marriage-referendum play as Sonya Kelly, both as writer and performer, lets the audience into a brief period in her personal life, five or six years ago, when herself and her partner Kate, who is Australian, embarked on a journey to get a defacto visa. This one-woman show is documentary theatre first and foremost. Kelly has assembled facsimile documents she brings onstage every night, which is symbolic of her journey and feeds them directly into the show. Kelly has to be commended for finding parallels between her story and the direct provision system. This show is in equal parts funny and heart-warming from start to finish and Kelly places episodes of emotion and stress in the script which humanises the story much more than just a show packed with one-liners.

The set design and lighting design was impressive. Kelly is able to tell her story with minimal props and minimum set dressing. The lighting design was the most impressive element as the lights were an integral part of the set design itself. This show is a high energy fun show and the music choices reflect this. Sound design was minimal, it allowed Kelly to tell her story without an overreliance on sound, for example using a flashlight and her folder Kelly conducted two Skype calls during the show. The design elements create an immersive atmosphere.

Going to see this play is a worthwhile experience as it is very enjoyable and humorous. All the elements in this production are top-notch. I can guarantee that you will leave the theatre having seen a worthwhile show

(c)Dave Joyce 2015


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