The Cherry Orchard Short Review

Posted: October 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Writer: Anton Chekhov
Company: TG Stan, Belgium
Venue: O Reilly Theatre, Belvedere, 10th October 2015

In this production of Chekhov’s final comedic play, the audience members’ eyes or ears aren’t drawn to the lighting or the sound, but are drawn to the stage space and the minimal amount of set dressing. These performers aren’t interested in bells and whistles; they are more interested in the devised nature of this Chekhovian piece. This frenzied piece settles down into something more concrete after the first Act, the performance is  diluted by the constant asides to the audience. Female rolesperformances are strong, an ensemble piece is clearly marked out and Bert Haelvoet must be given a hat tip as he portrayed three different personas

this production has  come under fire from the print media and the blogging world for not using a director or dramaturge, this is their methodology and we must respect this. For new or established Chekhovians, it would get my recommendation as this audience member was captivated throughout

(c) Dave Joyce 2015


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