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Drogheda Arts Festival 2016 – 25th April – 2nd May 2016 Details of the new Drogheda Arts Festival have just been announced, and while David Holmes will probably get most of the attention, the…

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Skyfall‘s costume designer Jany Temime wanted Q (Ben Whishaw) to look like a young computer nerd, in the style of an “expensive student.” Q dresses in a young, casual and hip fashion, and it reflects the character’s immaturity and cockiness. … Continue reading →

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Andrew Scott’s Max Denbigh, the Director-General of the Joint Security Service who also goes by “C”, dresses in dark suits with a fashionable edge in Spectre. Denbigh’s modern clothes contrast with M’s traditional clothes without looking inappropriately fashion forward. The … Continue reading →

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People and Chairs


Experts say anywhere from 60-90% of communication is non-verbal (facial expression, gestures, and posture). We take our cues from how people sit, stand or move. But the information doesn’t end there.

“Hairstyle is body language. Clothing is body language.” – Fred Herzog, Photographer

Look at the men in the photo.

The guy with the beard, Subaru shirt and camo pants is worlds apart from the dude with the checked shirt and forlorn expression. If I were to guess their first lines of dialogue, it’d probably be something like:

Guy #1: “I used to ride bikes in the military.”

Guy #2: “I wish Maanika would call me.”

In improv though, it’s rarely this obvious. We don’t have as many physical cues to get a read on someone’s character right away. So what can we do?

Mime An Accessory

In Trust Us, This Is All Made Up, TJ initiates an office worker who…

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People and Chairs

Check out this great Guest Post by David Razowsky for Jill Eickmann’s Femprovisor™ blog.

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Zen And The Art Of Jason Chin

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People and Chairs

Jason Chin was a beloved improviser, teacher, director, and Associate Artistic Director of iO, whose sudden passing a year ago stunned the Chicago improv community.

Fortunately, Chin’s influence can still be seen and felt in the teams he coached, the long-running shows he created, and his book, Long-form Improvisation and the Art of Zen

You can also find his thoughts and ideas on An Improvised Blog, and JasonChinFTW, which covers improv, popular culture, and his own entertaining fiction. (We especially love the post he wrote about the long format, The Dream.)

Click below to hear him talk about why some people are innately good at improv, from the documentary Whether The Weather.

Image © Whether The Weather

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