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10.30 – 11.30

Tom Bailey (John Cabot University, Rome)

‘Nietzsche’s Modest Theory of Agency’

11.30 – 12.00 Coffee
12.00 – 1.00

Tsarina Doyle (NUI, Galway)

‘The Will to Power and the Metaphysics of Value’

1.00 – 2.30 LUNCH
2.30 – 3.00

Ruud Thomas Burke (UCC)

‘Type-facts and Nothing but the Facts: Reductionism and Nietzsche’s Philosophy’

3.00 – 3.30

Trine Riel (NUI, Galway)

‘Nietzsche’s askesis: Philosophy as an art of existence’

3.30 – 4.00 COFFEE
4.00 – 4.30

Chris Hansen (NUI, Galway)

‘Nietzsche and Perspective’

4.30 – 5.00

Steven McHugh (NUI, Galway)

‘Nietzsche: Morality in the Pejorative Sense and Human Flourishing’

Contact: Tsarina Doyle, Philosophy, School of Humanities:

“The Galway Nietzsche Symposium is a one-day event that brings together academics and advanced graduate students working on Nietzsche from John Cabot University Rome, NUI Galway and University College Cork. It is an open event and formal registration is was not required.”


archbishop Diarmuid Martin ordains two new priests in Archdiocese of Dublin

The Archdiocese of Dublin will have two new priests today as Archbishop Diarmuid Martin ordains Paul Glennon and Chris Derwin to the Diocesan priesthood. The ordinations take place on the Feast Day of St. Kevin, a patron saint of the Archdiocese.

In his homily at today’s ordination Mass, Archbishop Martin told both men “you received your faith at your baptism within that community of believers in Jesus Christ. The community of faith has nurtured you. Never forget that you would never have arrived at this day without the prayers of many. God’s people care for their priests and pray for their priests. You are and always will be indebted to that community of faith and you will exercise new ministry as service within that communion, just as you will receive support from the community in which you minster.”

Archbishop Martin added that being a priest “is not easy”. He said it is possible to become unsettled and anxious; it is possible to become cynical or resigned. However, he told them, “If you remain deeply in the love of Jesus your joy will be complete and your ministry will bring you deep contentment.”

Paul Glennon is originally from Dunmore in County Galway. A son of John and Mary Glennon, his parents, four bothers and four sisters will all join him as he is ordained in St. Mary’s Pro Cathedral. Paul (41) studied mechanical engineering in GMIT Galway, Bolton Street and Paisley in Scotland. Following graduation he worked for three years in Manchester and later in Kilbeggan in Co Westmeath. He was in his 30’s before he began to explore a vocation to the priesthood. He took time out from his career to study in the Emmanuel Community School of Mission in Rome, living in the community and working on parish missions. He entered St. Patrick’s seminary in Maynooth in 2009 and as well as his studies in St. Patrick’s he also spent time in formation in two Dublin parishes.

Chris Derwin is from Milltown and Rathmines in Dublin. Aged 32, he will be the youngest priest in the Archdiocese of Dublin. A son of Rita and Christopher, he has three brothers and one sister. From a young age and for many years Chris was a carer for his grandmother and three uncles and still cares for one elderly uncle today. He studied in Dundrum College in Dublin and Leeson Street Institute of Education. He then embarked on a career as a barman, taking an apprenticeship in the trade. He worked in several well-known Dublin pubs including Graces in Rathmines, Tramco and Madigans. During this time he also volunteered in local youth projects. He said he had drifted from his faith in his early teens but returned to his local parish after the age of 16. However, he struggled with his vocation and says he immigrated to Manchester to work for a two year period in a bid to ignore the calling, this in fact had the opposite effect and he ended up joining St. Patrick’s ceremony in Maynooth in 2008.